I’ll just take it that you weren’t a Hawgs Illustrated subscriber or didn’t listen to me on either of the radio shows.

If you had, you wouldn’t be asking me these questions.

I knew about his affair before it came out because I happen to be at the same hotel they were one night, but I don’t see my job as being the TMZ of Arkansas sports.

But as I said, his affair was not what took him done. It was the body of work he had in dealing with, lying to and physically and mental abusing those above him and below him.

Certainly there are things similar that I have learned over the last 35 years of being in and covering the Razorback sports programs that are not public - for the same reason.

Be it football, baseball and basketball coaches.

I couldn’t care less who they are sleeping with.

If the question is: a recruit is more likely to stay in state rather go to a school out of the state is a different question than distance. Now, to prove that is the case , you would need to examine each school roster and determine the % that stays in state. Back to the question of distance. A state like Florida, Texas, Cal make the distance factor harder to determine the importance of. Take Texas or Michigan, the recruits may become a long distance but are from in state. Another point is that in looking at averages of any kind you have to look to see if 1 o 2 variables are causing the average to be misleading. Take 5 people that drive to work and we want to know the average. Here are the distances that each of the 5 travel: 3, 2, 3, 1 and 51. The average is 12 miles but is that a true representation of the distance traveled. Probable not as one person is causing it to be on the high side I am not going to take the time to find out. Do I think we are at a disadvantage compared to other teams in our conference, YEs. Why/? Population of our state, closeness of population centers to U of A, level of high school football in Arkansas, the wow factor and tradition of other conference foes. We have to recruit Arkansas first which produces less than the city of Dallas by far. Then we have to go into the back yard of our foes to get players. Now an extremely important facto is how good is our coaching staff at recruiting. I think it is very good. We will see as seasons go by. Now after all of that what is factual and what is just my opinion. I will let other debate that. Also, some is speculation that might be able to be proven or disproven. If you are interested, work on the things I have suggested plus other factors and let us know what you find out.