…and our talent level seems the same. I still think we HAVE to step up recruiting…

LOL so u think we are not trying to recruit the best??

U think they turn down great players in the state? We have 6 D1 players in the state and have them committed, 1 we didn’t offer because of grades.
Last year he brought in a great number of 4 and 5 stars and most stayed home

The rest we have to get else where.

Maybe you should send them directions on where to recruit because it sure could help

Team speed does need to improve. I think there is some very good speed in the 2017 class on both sides of the ball. They also need more playmakers on both sides.

That said, they’re 4-2. Let the season play out and see where they end up. I think they matchup well with the remaining schedule.

No one said they weren’t trying but this is a results oriented world we live in. Yes, our recruiting needs to step up.

Where do you see us matching up well v Ole Miss? Genuinely curious.

This is the best recruiting staff ever assembled at Arkansas.

I am sure that is a sarcastic shot taken at me since I have said that.

I stand by it - but then again, what do I know? I mean I’ve only been doing this since 1981.

Arkansas does need to recruit better to win at the level the coaches, players and fans want them to win at.

But I repeat - when CBB first arrived here, there were 4 plays with Alabama or LSU offers that chose the Razorbacks instead.

Now there are 24.

Seems - while not closing the gap enough yet - that’s still a significant jump.

Wait to BBALL season. After Spain my assumptions about the play of certain players look correct. They’re gonna take shots about that as well.


What assumptions?

And what are you basing this assumptions on since you have not seen the players?

I’ve been playing golf since 1981 and I still suck at it. (I enjoy your stuff and that’s more a shot at that logic than you).

What I take issue with is that you throw those numbers around (24 now, only 4 then, blah blah) and then take (unsolicited, unprovoked) shots at Petrino and it’s all just BS. Figures don’t lie but liars figure - except for these: 10-3 (BCS bowl, top 10 finish), 11-2 (top 5 finish). Petrino recruited better because he evaluated, developed and coached better. The gap is not closing. It’s getting wider and we are seeing that on the field.

Long killed the golden goose because he was too clueless to recognize what fell in his lap (Petrino hire) and couldn’t deal with a semi-difficult personnel issue (type that is dealt with everyday) and instead chose his ego and his career over the program. Thus, we are back to the HDN days of fighting amongst ourselves and trying figure out why Arkansas isn’t competing at an acceptable level.

You know who’s not making excuses or spinning numbers right now? Tom Jurich and Lucky them.

I have never said anything bad about Bobby Petrino’s coaching - he was and still is an absolutely fantastic coach.

When he was here, he was not a good person at all to those people under him, to those above him.

Never did anything to me so that is not based on any dealings that I had with him.

His affair and accident were the last straw with his bosses, not the first.

It was certainly not one incident, but the body of evidence.

That’s not taking shots. That’s telling it like it is or was.

It’s clear that some fans cared or care about is winning.

Better than they did against Bama. I expect a shootout.

All you have to do is look at who our signees received OTHER OFFERS from. New Mexico State; La Tech; Louisiana-Monroe; LA - Lafayette. If it weren’t for Austin, we would be 2-4. THank God we had no O-Line injuries last year or we would have the same situation we have this year. I’m not sure why anyone wants to defend CBB on recruiting!..I just do NOT get it, regardless of whether it is or is not better than it has ever been. To say, we can’t recruit with Bama, LSU, Ole Miss is ludicrous!.. WE CAN if we WILL! I know for a FACT that we stalked Pennamon’s mom late in the recruiting. We have to get on them earlier and make MORE offers…Why can’t we go to Bama’s commit list and OFFER THEM ALL!.. It’s about relationships and CMS seems to “get it”…the rest, not so much…okay, I’ll quit preaching now!..I rambled, I know, but dang, we have some hard headed fans that refuse to see that it really is all about recruiting!!!

If these are the facts, whey weren’t they shared during CBP’s tunure? It is easy to bad mouth a coach once he has left. ARe there any facts/information about CBB that you aren’t sharing?

You need to go back and look again. Very few of the kids Bret has signed only had offers from the La. Tech’s and others.

I’ll let you take on that chore… if our current roster had been highly recruited, it would not rank in the bottom half of the SEC in the recruiting standings… Thank goodness for Bobby Allen and for keeping McTelvin at home!!!..

You made the argument but saying Arkansas’ signees had offers from the lesser schools. Feel free to prove it.

Can you please explain what you meant by your statement that we “stalked Pennamon’s mom late in the recruiting?”

I mean I was upset the other night after the game until I slept on it. I never thought they would beat bama. I mean did you see them play USC and completely destroy them? We sure played better than them and they have top 10 recruiting classes every year…Anyways people are acting like we are 0-6 and not a top 25 team right now. I get it, everyone wants us to be better. No one more than the players, coaches, administration… CBP is doing good at Louisville because he got lucky and landed a game changing QB. Kind of like Tebow, Newton, Winston, Manziel, Vick, they tend to win a lot of games for you on their on. Just how it’s always been. But even when CBP had good teams he would always lose to the best team in the conference(Clemson, Bama). We’ve lost 2 to 2 top 5 teams. Be happy… cause I know you weren’t expecting a bama blow out(win). You’ll probably still complain after we beat Ole Miss too. I’m happy where they are and will reserve final judgment at the end of the year.