'Yeah, he's got it': Sanders has long been a special talent

Raheim Sanders said earlier this month he was given the nickname “Rocket” after the first touchdown he ever scored. He was all of 7 years old.

Talked to Wayne Younger, head coach at Rockledge High in Florida, to get a clearer picture of Sanders, who has long been a special talent and model of accountability. My Friday feature:


Scottie, you trying to imply there was some price gouging by Uber drivers that night? :thinking:

I was a little generous writing $100. I saw a pic of some of the prices. They were outrageous.

It wouldn’t surprise me. And given the way Uber drivers get gouged by their company, it’s understandable. I looked into driving for them once when I was between jobs and quickly decided nah.

Something interesting I learned reporting this: Sanders’ high school coach, Wayne Younger, played quarterback at FIU. He threw 5 INTs and rushed for 124 yards against Arkansas in 2007.

If he’s a father already, he could use some NIL income. These players need to, at least, hook up with some creative people and sell some T-shirts. I’d buy several well-designed “Rocket” Razorback shirts. The NIL ball needs to get rolling a little faster on the Hill.

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Rocket Mortgage should get a hold of him!


Great idea!

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