yeah baby!! SWEEP!!!

way to go guys…game ball to Jake Reindl! and a big shout out to Kjerstad!! you were due!!

Yes he was!

We play like a team. Campbell still needs to get completely healthy and comfortable. I don’t know if the pitch count affected any of that, but it was an awful start for him.

Reindl was great. Kjerstadt was, too. He went hitless until B9, but that last single made up for all that. If his play on that HR was intentional, it was brilliant.

Meanwhile, fielding was error-free, too.

That was a great series for the Hogs. Beat their Ace with our Ace, stomped the dog out of them in game two, then win after being down 4-0.

The Auburn boys will have a long trip home. :smiley:


It always nice to use the broom in baseball!

Jake showed his best effort of the season today! The hogs needed it today! Seems like Campbell may need more rest for his arm.

Campbell did strike out 4, so it’s not like he had nuthin’. But when they made contact, it dropped. He faced 12, fanned 4 and gave up 6 hits.

Great to be alone on top of the SEC West standings. What a great weekend! I’m especially happy with the defense.

Not that all-time records against a team mean much, but I’d rather be on the plus side than the minus side of it. Coming in to this weekend we were something like 3 or 4 games under .500 with them. If we’re not .500 now, we’re awfully close. We’ve won the last 4 games against them, I believe. Counting a game against them in the SEC tournament last year.