Y'all won't believe this, but

Some S CAR fans were on social media saying the umpires and TV announcers were biased toward Arkansas.

It’s hard to believe a group of fans could ever come to that conclusion. :o

They’re a bunch of idiots. It’s fun to peruse the other teams’ message board sometimes just to get the “other” take before and after a big game. They were waaayyyy too cocky (sorry) and misguided from what I read. They thought the ump Sunday was great and that they got hosed the other two games. They also were quick to point out how they sort of beat themselves and refused to give us most of the credit. Sore losers!!!

Their coach called Arkansas the best team in the country. Guess their fans disagree.

14-4. Umpires can have a bad game but it’s doubtful that 14-4 will be the result. I didn’t see one call that caused Carson Shaddy to hit a three-run home run. Luke Bonfield singled in a run on the first pitch he saw. Same with the 9-3 win on Saturday. It’s never fun to lose, but South Carolina’s fans must be “extra special” crazy.

I do think there is some validity to announcers being influenced - I won’t say biased - by the setting in which they are calling a game. It’s just the nature of sports; it’s easy to get caught up in your surroundings. When they go on and on about how great the facilities and the crowd are, it can come across as bias, especially when the home team is whipping the fire out of the visitors like last night.

I thought the announcers were complementary to both sides, but you’re right, Matt, they can be influenced by the environment. They certainly spoke well of the Arkansas fans, and I’m sure that can cause folks back in South Carolina to be unhappy. But they spoke well of Carolina’s team. I actually enjoyed listening to them for most of the games.

Trying to be objective about it, here’s how that perception happens.

Winner take all game, one team puts up a big number and by the middle of the game, pretty much the only thing in doubt is the final score - who is going to win is no longer in doubt.

Announcers start gravitating toward subjects and story lines that align with how and why the one team is dominating, and that obviously comes with positive comments about their hitting, pitching, coaching, etc. Plus, they start projecting them to the CWS and talking about how they might do there, because that’s what’s next for the team winning this game.

Losing team’s fans hear this description of winning team’s positive play and prospects for Omaha and feel the announcers are “pulling for” or otherwise “favoring” the winning team.

I’ve seen this zillions of times. Including many times by our own fan base.

Bingo, wiz

Guys, I was being truthful yet also facetious in the original post. Many of our fans have the same attitude after every loss in any sport.

TV announcers (in most cases) have no reason to like our foes better than us. Likewise, all the officials are NOT out to cheat Arkansas. If they were, we might as well pull out of athletics.

got back to the hotel to see the game from the 5th inning on, I did think the Hogs benefited from more low strikes than were called for SC pitchers, but I thought the pitches were strikes. Sure was nice not to sweat out the last couple of innings!

just my opinion


Our first loss in Omaha and we’ll see the same posts here…