Y'all look out down there


That’s a helluva dunk.

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Dude got some serious confidence to even try the things he tries but so far he has Hammered them all down…Just Amazing.
Loved how quick he was hustling back on defense bc he knew Muss was going to be hollering at him LOL

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He’s hammered MOST of them down. Missed one late against San Diego State.

I do not know why RC4 didn’t get an and-1 on that one. The guy fouled him in the act of getting posterized.


Ref probably felt sorry for him. He was the victim of a violent crime. :sunglasses:


I must have forgot about that one.

According to the live stats pages, we’re 40 of 42 on dunk attempts this season. Not sure who missed the other one; might have been TB. (No, if there’s a foul on a dunk attempt it doesn’t count as a missed shot, or missed dunk).

It was an important miss. The Hogs had just come back to tie the game (on a free throw by Ricky), but he missed the second free throw and then missed a dunk on the next possession that would have given us the lead. SDSU took it back.

Had they not helped us out down the stretch by fouling with 13 seconds left, we might all have been talking about that missed dunk a little more.

(For the record, I love watching Ricky Council. He’s been such a big portal pick-up.)

Memory is a weird thing I have a great memory for a lot of sports things but I had totally forgotten that LOL. just means I’m getting older than I like to realize

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