Yall are too funny...

Y’all expect for CCM to take these same players that struggled and were pushed around by New Mexico St. and Coastal Carolina last year to turnaround and win this year. Give me a break. He’s gonna have to recruit and is gonna need some time and that’s just common sense.

Did you expect Arkansas to get pushed around by North Texas? I didn’t. I thought the Razorbacks might lose, but not get manhandled.

It’s not the loss that I think has everyone worked up. It’s the way they lost.

As a matter of fact I did.

I did - had it 41-27 and figured they’d control the game. I predicted that because I don’t see many SEC players on the team, our OL lacks talent, and neither of our older QBs should be playing P5 football. That, coupled with the fact they have good QB play.

I have not seen anything change with the offensive line other than a first round draft pick is gone and the second best lineman has to play center, a new position. And, another returning starter, Colton Jackson, still barely on the field. I also know that the best QB is gone. O line play and QB play go hand in hand. It’s just basic football. If those two positions are not solid, you will not have a solid team.

The same players also beat OM and should have beaten TAMU, MSU and Missouri.

So, laugh all you want but it’s not unreasonable to, more than anything expect just the basic appearance/semblance of organization and competence.


  1. Not giving up the first fake fair catch PR TD in Major CFB history.

  2. Not again having problems with players with the same number on the field at the same time.

  3. Not having pre-snap penalties on 2 of your 3 kickoffs against a Sunbelt team.

  4. Not calling a flea flicker when you hadn’t run the ball for squat.

  5. Not having more miscommunications on passes than Completions.

  6. Not starting a QB in the second half after he was terrible the entire first half.

None of those thing have ANYTHING to do with the fact the talent level is down.

I’m not saying he has to turn it around overnight but he can’t keep being every bit as awful as his roster is purported to be.

He has to have them better prepared and cut down on some of the complete Cracker Jack clown show stuff. Quickly.

Exactly and that seems like complete common sense and not nearly as laughable as what we saw on the field.

Weakest argument of all time, a team that with complete luck beat Ole miss, year after year.

And then we’re to the point we are counting justification with “almost winning” games.

We lost those games because they players and coaches quit, and that’s what they know.

When the going gets tough they had a coach walk down the sideline with a bamboozled look on his face seperatingn himself from the team. We all know the dumbfounded look on Bret’s face when things didn’t work out.

Yesterday I did see Chad pissed on the sidelines. He didn’t coach a perfect game but he never quit. He was there with the team, coaching the freshman QBs up even when the game was completely over.

Until we get rid of bielemas players and the poor leadership that was instilled in them, it’s hard to expect much of anything.

Well said, under no circumstances should Arkansas EVER get pushed around by a conference USA team AT HOME. I don’t care who the coach is. Theoretically we should be able to put our 2nd string in against any C-USA team and still have the advantage talent wise. For them to just toy with us, I don’t see how anybody can just brush that off like it’s not a big deal.

You keep saying they should have beaten MSU Missouri and A&M … what are you talking about? After slow starts MSU and Missouri dominated Arkansas statistically. Missouri had almost 700 yards in offense! Also, who was the Arkansas QB in the games you reference? He’s light years better than these two.

Amen and spot on.

Thanks !!!


Thank you Clay. I don’t know what folks want. These same people were bad a year ago.

Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve but guess what…The didn’t.

No kidding. That’s was Bielema had to go.

The obvious point that you’re ignoring is that it’s not laughable for people to expect at the very minimum to be competitive, know the rules, and show improvement.

People expecting those things aren’t expecting miracles. They’re nof expecting Morris to turn it around overnight. They’re not expecting him to win the SEC West.

They’re expecting the team to play hard and look like they’ve played football before.

The only point about the close games was that it’s not irrational to think we should beat CO St and UNT or at the very least not get man handled by UNT.

If you can’t see the difference in winning or losing a close game to a good non P5 opponent and getting by wire-to-wire punked by one on your home field and are OK with the latter then maybe you’re the one that needs to reexamine your expectations.

There is one reason why we got “manhandled”, and that is QB play. Theirs was stellar, ours was patently pathetic.

Theirs wasn’t stellar. He was good, not great. He just looked good because of the play of our QBs.

He was 24-45 for 281, 1 TD no INT and a 50.9 QBR rating. That’s fine (no pun intended). But stellar? Nah. Not when they were less efficient on 3rd down (3-16) than we were (4-16).

He had the benefit of short fields and very little pass rush. The TV production people wanted him to be and prepared for him to be stellar but he was just OK against a bad defense and a bad offense that kept giving him the ball vack.

Matt, thank you for telling it like it is. You are the only one on here that does. I really appreciate it. Keep it up.

It does have a lot to do with talent level. Many don’t get it done physically, mentally, or both aspects. There is more to football than speed and strength. The flea flicker was out of desperation. Had the team performed there would have been no need for a flea flicker. Do you think CCM has forgotten how to coach? Our top two QB’s are awful. I’m sure all the Allen brother haters are wishing one of them were back. It’s easy to see why neither Cole or Ty started in front of Austin.

Honestly, they haven’t given me any reason to think otherwise.