Yahoo!: Wiretap reveals Will Wade discussed recruiting 'offer' with hoops scandal middleman … 46487.html

Will make the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 this year, enjoy all that comes with it.

In 5 years it’ll be taken away and nobody will care.

You think anything will come of this?

Looks like there is more to come. LSU has improved rapidly under the new staff and it appears that Will Wade is right in the middle.

The up and coming young coach won’t last long! He is just like Cal at that age a sorry dirt bag.
Wade won’t have to worry about closing his door very much longer! Especially if he lies under Oath in federal court.

Comments: At the least of this discussion it appears he is more than willing to cheat to bring players into his fold. Everyone knows this which makes him a marked man

IF LSWho has ANY desire to protect the “University” from further embarrassment, they would fire him TODAY! Just the behavior exhibited on the recordings should be offensive enough to relieve him of his position at the school. Not to mention the fact that he was recorded saying he made the offer (that was obviously not just a tuition scholarship) himself!

Anyway, I wouldn’t want him coaching my son(s) solely based on his language and demeanor directed towards the family of the kid he was recruiting and the fact that he was lamenting the system he was creating for himself… cheating, and griping about how the cheating was not going his way! Ridiculous!

Will Wade(LSU) has the best team money can buy and Mississippi State is running a close second.

I’ll believe something will come out of this when I see it. No faith in the NCAA.

Only way the NCAA moves if there’s a conviction.

Will Wade cheating?!?! Who would have ever thought that. Hold on a sec guys let me shut this door before I say anything else.

I was gonna ask earlier if it is Smart is LSU at that level they get a hand slap, or are they gonna have to forfeit this year?


Will Wade(LSU) has the best team money can buy Don’t forget to put that hard working coach and Kentucky on that list

A peek over at the Advocate…had to look hard to find it…I guess it’s still early. … 73ba9.html

LSU will do every thing possible to protect him until they know it’s impossible to do so.
I wouldn’t want him around my family. He’s part of what’s wrong with college basketball! Fire them all and give them a lifetime ban! Seth G and his integrity of the game rant at halftime about how great Wade’s recruiting was last year! The whole system is corrupt and the NCAA is just as guilty. They might as well have see and eye dogs running the enforcement office at the NCAA! Emmitt is a joke and a paid pon to sit there as a figure head and do absolutely nothing!

Hear, hear!

If facing jail time, will the Golden Boy spill his guts and reveal other figures in this corrupt game? To save his own skin, I beat he would.

That has lateday started with the others on trial. The cat is out of the bag on a lot of coaches.

If they did buy a kid on the current roster, who has played in all 29 games, you’re talking the infamous vacating of wins. That would make them 0-29 and you’re not gonna get in the NCAA with that. I think they would have to pay back any NCAAT revenue if they went through the tournament and then Smart was found to be ineligible.

I would not want to be Joe Alleva right now. He needs to be asking Will Wade some really tough questions.

Joe Alleva isn’t stupid. He knows the truth and he also knows his up and coming young coach has lied to him! No matter what he does he is in hot water himself.
He made the hire! Smart isn’t the only player that got paid! I’m suprised the SEC office hasn’t made some sort of statement!
Of course they are crooks too!
I hope Wade gets what he has coming! The little Cal want to be may not get as lucky as Cal has so far!

I went to check out the LSU message board to see their response to this. There’s a big thread going on now that’s telling anybody that’s not with Wade on this needs to be removed from the forums. The vast majority of them are wanting to ride this out until the end, they don’t care if he’s cheating, and they think the NCAA won’t do anything about it. It was one poster that tried to speak out against that and said he needed to be fired, and they really lit into that guy. It’s sad, seems like less and less people have morals and are willing to overlook any and everything if it fits their agenda. That’s not just in sports but in anything these days. You see it in politics, and you see in entertainment/music with all these celebrities getting busted from their years of taking advantage of people, and you still have people that defend them until the end because they like their music or movie.