Yahoo sports on officiating in AR/NC

Good article talking about the help NC got from the refs in the last minute of the game. … 10985.html

There was another article written about the five worst calls in the NCAAT so far this year, AR made the list twice, once for the travel/charge/block no call tip in, and the second time for the flagrant 1 against Seton Hall.

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I need someone to explain, in a way that even I can understand, why a foul should be called differently in the middle of a game than at the end.

Good Question1

Good Question!

If it’s a foul it should be called at any point. Period. The fact is the hogs shot 8 free throws and North Carolina shot 25!
If your not blowing it on one end put it in you pocket or just throw it away it was blown on one end mainly. We did not shot a 1 and 1 in that entire ball game.
There’s you game influenced by the refs