Yahoo/SI Story

Just saw, and don’t know how to pin it, a story about former head coach, now a Celtic assistant Jerome Allen, taking bribes while at Penn. One of his assistants at Penn, Ira Bowman, is an assistant now at Auburn and Auburn has suspended him. Bruce Pearl hired him to replace Chuck Person. Those that know how might want to dig into this…

Absolutely no one is surprised that Bruce Pearl hired someone with expertise in sleaze.

Having said that, this scandal is about illegal ways of getting kids into schools where they don’t belong. Auburn doesn’t have that problem. They pay kids to come to their school.

Pearl has a network full of bag men to where he can try to play the I didn’t know game. :weary: That shouldn’t work because o thought the head coach was responsible for everything that happens under his watch.

Auburn won’t do a thing to Pearl. That is SAD.

They may end up with no choice. These guys that have been found guilty up to this point have been singing. Turning over the dirt on everybody and got a light sentence.
It isn’t close to being over. Pearl knows he is on this deep! Eventually he will go down. Along with his assistants.
Just ask yourself this one question. Would you take the wrap and serve the punishment if your boss was giving you the marching orders to land these players?