Yahoo’s Pete Thamel Opines on the Search

National media thinks Gus is our answer which says more about what they do not know than what Arkansas is seeking. If our BOT etc has him at the top of the list after the last search then we will become a baseball and basketball school and funding the athletic budget will get interesting.

pardon the pun, but Hogwash!!!, this guy is just writing something because he gets paid to, HY has been talking to people, but dude does not know what is being said or where it is going.

Harsin and Norvell could afford to wait out better jobs, as it’ll take three seasons for Arkansas to regain a pulse of competitiveness in the SEC. All of them have much better teams now than the current Hogs.

He got that part right and may be right on the rest of the paragraph as well. Arkansas fans need to realize that we are in the “beggars cannot be chosers” category and sucking it up to support Malzahn may be our best option. I have never been a Malzahn fan so this is not some Malzahnista that just won’t give up. If we have available a successful SEC coach who could walk in and keep Morris’ good players, appeal to the recruits previously committed to Morris’ system, and have instant credibility in any new recruit’s living room, who might have a lump sum buyout that would allow the UofA to pay top dollar for all assistants, we might need to forget about our hurt feelings when Auburn outbid us for him last time and support the guy. If we all can’t do that, then it appears, as a fanbase, we may deserve the last four football coaches at the UofA.

If all you want is mediocre, you can get it a lot cheaper than Gus. Lots of coaches who have been mentioned can get us back to 6-6 or 7-5, and that’s as good as we are likely to get from a guy who can’t take all that talent and do better than four or five losses a year. And some of those guys might actually be able to develop a QB. IMO several of the others mentioned the last few days have a potential upside better than 6-6/7-5, and I just don’t see that with Gus.

A very generic wide brush stroke attempt at the most.

Ok Bruce James…

Pretty sure if we offered the same kind of deal to Harsin, Campbell, or Norvell that they would come here. I read today that when the SEC makes the next TV deal, which should be done by the end of the year, it will be in excess of 130 million per year. Currently, it’s 55 million a year.

Gus isn’t worth anywhere near what Auburn is paying him. They let their ego get the best of them on that new contract. Arkansas should not repeat the same mistake.

Excellent point. Auburn’s ego and their easy access to ready cash got the better of them. Aggies did the same thing, but they do have very deep pockets.

it is total 110% speculation, a poor sales person will get us a leftover coach. I think HY is a cut above, and it is very evident that he does not divulge his directions or his findings.

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