XFL The Return......Gimmick Free!

http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/2221 … eturn-2020

I like a couple of things Vince said he would do:

  1. All players stand for the National Anthem

  2. Will not hire players with criminal records

  3. If you win you get paid more

I’ve avoided the NFL for years. It just does not interest me. And I doubt this will either.

It was impossible to break the monopoly the NFL has since the merger back in the 60’s and many have tried. But, the NFL continues to blow their own foot off over politics and social indictments. The latest is a veteran’s group wanted to run a Super Bowl ad showing our military standing for the NA and the NFL wouldn’t allow it and once again spits (directly this time) in the face of the military. I have watched very little pro football the last couple of years and would love an alternative to show the arrogant league what can happen when stupidity rules an organization even one with this much clout.

Agree. Give it three years max.

You are definitely who he’s aiming for. Forget whether the product is any good. He’s banking on being able to capitalize on stereotypes, divisiveness, controversy over social issues, etc.

The same guy who pivoted to cameras in the cheerleaders’ locker room and more violence and head hits when his product was awful (and whose primary money maker leaves its stars mostly drug addled and suicidal) is now staking out the moral high ground.

And, it will probably work for many for a short while just as your post suggests.


He’s not aiming at me brother. My comments were that a couple of things he said was okay by me. Just because I believe in respecting our National Anthem does not mean I stereotype or support divisiveness. That is silly.

Quite a leap you made there. I’m not saying you support stereotypes or divisiveness.

I’m saying he thinks he can draw in enough people by honing in on the National Anthem. And, he most certainly will be focusing on people who, for all sorts of reasons, have decided they’re sick of the NFL.

I personally think people should stand for the national anthem.

I personally support law enforcement. It’s a thankless, dangerous job. I work with them every day. They are my friends.

I personally think you can support both of those things and also understand why people protest clear police brutality on the fringes.

To me, there’s room for a reasonable, national debate about the issues. And, I think there are issues on the fringes.

I have no problem with the league having its own rules.

I just see him for what he is. He’s a detestable hype man. If it would make him more money to drape strippers in the American flag, he would do that, too. He pretty much did that at the end of his first go at this.

But yes, he’s aiming at you. He’s aiming at people who will ignore the fact that he’s the scum bag trying to cash in and will care more about his rules and dog whistles so that you will tune in. And, those rules most certainly aren’t guided by some WWE/XFL moral compass.

They’re aimed at capitalizing on what he feels is blood in the water as it relates to the NFL.

Don’t disagree with the characterization of Vince.

But I question what is the difference between him and Goodell?

Granted, goodell isn’t the founder, just the commissioner. But he, outside of the owners, is the man in charge. He continuously lets issues arise, mishandles them just as consistently, panders, is focused on how much he makes, private jets, and whatever else.

Thy are all a bunch of scumbags, but that’s life.

I choose not to watch the NFL, I respect the right to protest, but I do not respect the right to protest during the workplace or national anthem, especially both.

They are paid to play football, paid very well. Outside of the stadium I’ll support whatever cause they think is in need, as long as it’s not ridiculous. But in the work place, they should respect the fellow Americans watching, and sitting or kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful, no matter how you cut the pie.

That’s why I only watch CFB, it’s the best.

Notorious, We agree about ole WWE Vince. He’s not my kind of guy and I don’t watch his product. It’s more boring an stupid than the NFL. However I take offense to you saying that I’m going to ignore that he’s not a great guy. My only point was that I wish the NFL had accountability to their fans with their product. And I do not believe they care. Whatever…

I like some of the untraditional football. If it wasn’t for HE HATE ME I wouldn’t have watched.

Adam all I can say about this post is BRAVO! I was going to post something, but couldnt say it any better than you just did.

Merica indeed…sad

No need to be offended. I took your post to mean you’d be watching the XFL. If not, then I stand corrected.

I don’t think many, if any, big businesses truly care about anything other than remaining big businesses.

I don’t see a big difference in McMahon and Goodell. That was sorta my point. And, yet, VM is trying to cash in on the controversies.

It might do better than many expect. The Millennials like things that go against the norm and that will be the target group. I didn’t think MMA would ever amount to much, but it is more popular than boxing.

Let us all not forget the true reason the XFL failed. No one likes to watch bad football.

I just liked skipping the coin flip and making it a contest. All good with me.