XFL 1st Game Weekend After 2020 Super Bowl

Will this work or have the same fate as the, er, what was the name of the league that just tanked? :sunglasses:

http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/266 … properties

They’ll fade away like all the others. All other leagues will be watered down talent.

I think the XFL will have more success for a number of reasons, mainly being the planning that has gone into the league. Vince McMahon put a respected football man, Oliver Luck, in charge of the league. Luck was in line to become the president of the NCAA. He does not strike me as the type who would throw away an opportunity like that for something that he doesn’t think is sustainable. The same goes for Bob Stoops signing on to become a coach/GM. He doesn’t seem to be the type that would come out of retirement for just anything.

The XFL has a TV partnership with ESPN. That’s big for any sports entity that wants to survive. ESPN will lead SportsCenter with XFL highlights, talk about it on ESPN Radio and the afternoon shows. The AAF did not have that kind of media coverage after Week 1.

Plus, the XFL is in bigger, better markets than the AAF, which stayed away from NFL markets. The Dallas XFL team has signed a lease with Globe Life Park to play its games there after the Rangers move across the street to their new park. The XFL teams in New York, Seattle and Tampa will share the NFL stadiums in those cities, and the team in St. Louis will move into the Rams’ old stadium. That’s a lot different than playing at Legion Field or the Liberty Bowl.

There just seem to be a lot of pieces in place that could make the XFL more than just a flash in the pan. It will never rival the popularity of the NFL or even the NCAA, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be successful as a spring league.

Totally off topic for this thread, sorry: Maybe I am showing my age, but didn’t the Rangers build a new park (with much made about how wonderful it was) not that many years ago? I remember taking my son to a game there when he was a kid (and he is now 28, soooo, I guess it was more years ago than I thought, but he was at least 8 at the time, maybe older).

I remember the AFL being successful enough to force a merger with the NFL and the World Football League did well for a couple years. But I feel the odds of this one working long are slim and none.

The Rangers’ ballpark - Globe Life Park; formerly the Ballpark at Arlington - opened in 1994. It is being replaced by a new stadium that will open in 2021 across the street from the existing one. The new stadium will have a retractable roof like the ballpark in Houston. The Rangers’ attendance has been declining in recent years and some say it is due to the games being too hot to attend during the summer months.

The Arena League has been able to hold on in the Northeast. It has 6 teams. Arena League 2 (AF2) folded.

Something else is Vince (McMahon) has had the XFL (partnered with NBC) before and it failed after the first season. Say what you want about pro wrestling, but Vince is a very smart and very shrewed business man. He learns from his mistakes, and I’m pretty sure, he is a lot more knowledgeable this time. He’s had almost 20 years to fix his mistakes to go for round two. I bet it last longer this time. How long? That’s the question

Different business model. Much smaller squads and payrolls.

The arena league is barely, barely holding on.

I hope I’m wrong, but regardless of TV contracts and who’s involved with the league it all comes down to the product on the field.

Then you get into disposal income. Going to NFL games is very expensive. Will fans in the cities of NFL teams be willing to spend money for another set of season tickets? History tells us no.