X country track championship

The only way to watch is via a pay site. I did find a tracking site. At the 4K mark (it’s a 6K race) the Arkansas women are in the lead.

They did it!!!

Matt’s article:

Awesome. Way to go LadyBacks!

Unless they’re going to wait for Lance Harter to retire, I think he’s earned a statue now with the only 5 NCs in our women’s sports history.

Nolan needs his statue too by the way. Court is nice, but JFB and JMcD both have facilities and a statue.

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Aloha Jeff,

Most strongly concur!


Narrow victory. Our fifth girl almost cost us the title and gave it to BYU. Two seconds slower and we finish second.

BYU upset Northern Arizona to win the men’s title. The Cougars almost swept the day. Hog men finished next to last, 30th out of 31 teams. Considering that they were ranked 38th before the regional, perhaps that’s what we should have expected.

Woop Pigs!!