Wynne's Terry Wells about to realize college dream (story)

He is now 6-5, 315.

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Wells hasn’t been talked about much, but I’m very excited to watch him develop. He has a chance to be one of the true bell cows of our team over the next few years, with size and athleticism, humility and true love of the razorbacks. Love it!

also, I thought Ball was DL? he’s mentioned as OL, maybe I missed that.


I think that might have been a spot RD missed putting in “and DL Ball”? I thought he was a DL as well so could be wrong here.

Pardon me…I meant Dudley not RD.

Ball is a DL

Terry Wells won the Most Valuable OL in Rivals camp in Texas last year. Came out of no where and Arkansas offere, shortly followed. We got some young hoss’es
coming up.

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