WWFD....What would Frank do?

I’m not sure myself, but I do know one thing. HE WOULD DO SOMETHING. Considering the answer to that question would help in figuring out the solution to this complex puzzle. Food for thought(and discussion).

If there was someone on the staff who he thought might improve the remainder of the season (which we don’t) he might send him packing.
At the least there would be a face to face meeting and he would tell him, you better find you some better assistant coaches if you want to stay here another year.

Run off good coaches?

It would be impossible for anyone to run off a good coach this year.

Frank would have never allowed the program to get into the state its in now…i’d bet that not once did Jeff Long ask or seek advice from Frank on hiring coaches.

Jeff did not ask anybody anything. Recluse in Fayetteville is what I heard. He drank a beer and a half every day at 5. And never spoke to anyone in the place. Left a $20 and left with one glass half full. Some would say half empty.

Frank? He did not drink. But he’d go into same place on east side of town and speak to everyone.

If Frank was unhappy at a football game, he left and walked home