WVA @ Hogs

Well it looks like we will miss part of the game. LSU and TCU running a little over.


It’s on ESPN app. Notae made a 3 then fouled! Good and Bad real quick.

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Great start with a three by JD but I don’t like that foul because he gets another one he’s gone for the first half and we all know how that works out when he’s not playing.

Game is starting on ESPN news

Oh my. 2 on JD…

Come on JD you got one foul you know you can’t get up on him that close!!!

Notae picked up his second foul

Good drive to the hole by JD

We won’t see that again until the second half.

Got to be smarter than that…

Nice assist Devo…

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And a great finish by J will too

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U mu deee for 3!!!

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Well it looks like Devo has got off to a good start with Notae on the pine! Great asset and rebound. He looks more under control.


Devo is very capable of being very dynamic we’ve seen him go off three or four times this year… He and lykes will probably play the rest of the half… just let the game come to him and he’ll be fine I think

Toney is a great on the ball defender…Umude has gotten a lot better at that too

I sure hope both Devo and Lykes can play without the TO’s! They are capable but haven’t shown a lot lately.

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Jay will says not in my house!!!

Referees need just let the guys play all these stinking touch fouls are ridiculous