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On the Wuhan Virus update, “The World Health Organization says it appears that it is rare for asymptomatic coronavirus patients to spread COVID-19. They say some people who think they have no symptoms usually have mild or unusual ones.”

It appears the more we know the less we knew!

This latest news from WHO changes a lot of previous assumptions and their impact on policies. If anyone is willing to listen and adjust accordingly.

I got a good laugh yesterday listening to a minister on the radio. “If the mask works then why the shutdown? If it doesn’t work, then why do we have to wear it?”


I told myself I wouldn’t get into any more covid discussions, but I wanted to say one thing about the minister’s false choice. The masks reduce contagion. They don’t eliminate it. If it worked 100% we wouldn’t need a shutdown. We wouldn’t even need social distancing. The mask works best by reducing the wearer’s chance of spreading the disease to others. It protects the wearer from catching it, but only by a little bit.

The only 100% effective way to stop the disease from spreading is to have no human-human contact until the virus dies out. That, of course, is impossible.

How is Sweden doing these days? They were an outlier in management. Haven’t heard anything recently about how things have progressed there.

I was trying to edit my reply, hit the wrong button, big back track by the WHO today, they are incompetent at best, but closer to 40% spread.

And now the WHO is walking that back, at least to some extent.

Also being reported by Harvard & Boston University researchers that COVID-19 is believed to have started in Wuhan China as early as August 2019.

Our satellite imagery documents unusual steep increases in vehicle counts at all of the major Wuhan hospitals during that time period. Those increases peaked there in December 2019. Thanks to China for the heads up & notice!

I agree and that minister got his calling I bet in his backyard one day.

I read something the other day that said they had one of the highest death rates and their was a lot of political upset, said they had been too lax.

This isn’t the article I read, and it still says the rest of the world went to far, but does say Sweden didn’t go far enough:

This disease is extremely strange to say the least! I saw the WHO report and I somewhat agree with it, I have never understood if you have no symptoms how could you even catch the disease much less spread it.I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what they say though they’ve been wrong before…
The Masks is one of those things where there’s so much different information about it. I think you should wear it if you’re going to be in stores,but if you’re going to be outside I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Unless you plan on meeting with a group I don’t wear it outside because I’m not going to be around a lot of people.I’ll just be glad when we can somehow get a handle on it cuz I am so tired of hearing about it and having it mess up everything.

The Chinese Communist Party is not a good and responsible member of the world community and as for all of those politicians, companies, etc, etc that are quick to come to their aide for monetary greed they can all pound salt and shove their blood money where the sun don’t shine!


That WHO report kind of falls in place with an article by a “front lines” doctor, I read a few weeks ago. I can’t find it now for the life of me, but it went something like this.

“Approximately 80% of contracted cases of Covid 19 have been from a person touching a contaminated surface and then touching their face before washing their hands.” He said contamination through the air in close approximation to a contaminated person was possible but not very likely.

He also said humans, touch their faces many, many times daily without realizing it. Shoot, I put on a mask every time I go in a grocery or other store. I consciously wash my hands as soon as I unload all the groceries at home. However, I touch my face when I take my mask off in the car and then put my hands on my steering wheel and gear shift. When I get in my car the next day, my steering wheel and gear shift could still be contaminated. I’m pretty certain that I probably touch my face while I’m driving without realizing it. The more I think about it, that 80% sure might be correct.

If everyone worked really hard on NEVER touching their face with their “stinkin” hands, we could probably slow the Covid 19 spread dramatically.

Of course, they’ve recently said that transmission from touching surfaces was small.


Exactly! Just like everything else associated with this virus there’s so much misinformation that you’re basically just clueless as they seem to be.

Unreal. Night and day difference. Totally opposite statements. I do trust front line doctors and nurses statements more than WHO or CDC. However, I guess their conclusions could vary by their locations and patients and may not pertain to patients in other locations.? Dense urban locations may be totally different virus transmission than open “burbs” and rural areas?

Basically, “nobody knows nothin’ for certain” about this virus!

I’ll be glad when the subjects discussed are related to football and sports vs. viruses.

The knowledge gap won’t be nearly as big and the opinions will matter a lot less.

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Amen to that.

I 2nd that Amen. Whew!


Unfortunately the Wuhan virus is and will directly affect the Razorback sports we all love and enjoy. It is a challenge we have not experienced in our lifetime. It’s an international disaster touching everyone in one form or another.
I tremendously feel for our athletes who just want to enjoy a normal collegiate experience. The 2020 spring sports teams (the UA’s most successful and competing for national titles) really got screwed. They will never, ever get that season back.
I can’t comprehend the level of difficulty the UA Athletic Department and coaching staffs are experiencing. Yet they outwardly remain positive being stellar role models for their athletes, fellow coaches, administrators and fans.
I tip my hat to AD HY and the entire UA Athletic Department.


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