Wuhan Coronavirus impact on Fayetteville


Focusing only on economics, I shudder to think of the economic impact on Fayetteville and NW Arkansas (in addition to our entire country) due to the Wuhan Coronavirus. All UA classes are going online resulting in the vast majority of students returning home two months early. Think of the economic ripple effect on the entire community. Additionally and most likely, all UA sports cancelled through the school year. The economic impact on people’s lives will be enormous.


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Ditto most everywhere. Ergo the explanation of the massive drop in the stock market. But as an individual locality and as a country we will all get through this. Keep fly fishing, gardening, or whatever, but do not do anything “stupid” to expose ourselves. Just make the best of what we have and enjoy family and whatever things in life that we do have. Best of luck to all! As with the H1N1 and other pandemics, this too will pass for most of us.

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No one can even imagine the ripple effect from the lack of activity from the campus. The travel into Northwest Arkansas from all over ther world is coming to a screeching halt. The Walmart vendors will change the way they do business for the next few months. Ask a restaurant owner what has happened in a few weeks.

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