WTHeck!!! GS for wilson!!

I was just thinking WTH is he doing in there!!Wow!!!

Grand Salami! Basic four-run jack!

1st career home run!!! WOW, what a great time to get it

OMGosh that was awesome! :o :o

There possum eaters, top that!!!

Me, too, youdaman. I had just said to myself, “What in the world is DVH thinking?” Then bam! And I gladly ate those words.

I have to admit I had something of the same feeling. Bases loaded, two outs. But the thought had barely entered my mind when that ball cleared the fence.

You weren’t the only two. I’m glad he showed us why Van Horn is the coach and not us

It looked like a fly ball to end the inning off the bat. But who better to get the Hog hat.