WTH? My head is spinning

Sampson yes
Sampson probably not
Beats doubtful but dont give up yet
Jamie Dixon contacted
Pitino contacted

Where is Thad Motta? Great resume

Where are you seeing all this? This board is radio silent on coaching search coverage.

Others boards FWIW
Frustrating our insiders aren’t more vocal

Other boards will shovel any kind of rumor. Clay, Dudley, Scottie and Matt don’t traffic in rumors. Dudley has acknowledged some of the rumors that are out there, but he’s not promoting them.

Where is Thad Motta? Great resume

Sitting at home with an aching back. Matta will never coach again.

I could throw out all kind of rumors and speculation, but I would rather thrown out what I know to be the truth.

I think I have commented on the firing and hiring process for each day this week.

Here’s what I have had today:



Even if we had a deal with a coach, we aren’t going to announce it today. We would wait until tomorrow so we could get some better pub. Today is all about the trip to the Final Four.

Putting out names and rumors might win some over but unless there’s something pretty solid you won’t see that here.

I’m pretty confident in what I posted below, but I know things can change in a heartbeat.


It’s more than just an aching back. Matta has a foot that doesn’t work any more because of nerve damage, and is very painful on top of that. He had to wear a brace on that leg to stand and walk for years, but the pain became too great.

I continue to believe that HY has a plan, I can’t begin to think that he would fire Mike with no idea who the next coach was going to be. Tomorrow through Wednesday will tell the story, if we don’t have a coach named by Wednesday I will be convinced that Beard is the man and we are opening the bank to get him. WPS

Yeah, you’re right. He got too many health problems to be serious candidate at Arkansas.

Ohio State’s coaches have had very major health problems once their teams struggled.