Wrote on Trevon Brazile's efficiency so far in Europe

“Once he gets comfortable it’s going to be a show, for sure.”

On Trevon Brazile, Arkansas’ second-leading scorer through 3 exhibition games despite being outside the top 5 in field goal attempts:



Just oozing potential…

You can tell he’s still becoming comfortable being as big and long as he is. I’d like some if his layups to be dunks. He’s not Gafford-like in style, but they are built similarly, and TB could stand to have Daniel’s mentality of dunk everything.


It’s amazing how he slipped through the cracks with all the recruiting sites (and college coaches). Did he have a growth spurt his last year of HS or his first year in college? MO was his only Power 5 offer, I believe.

I want to say I read somewhere that he was a late bloomer, but I may be confusing him with someone else. But his measurables would make you think he would be recruited heavily.

Getting comfortable is really all of them., nobody is playing freely yet. This trip was perfect timing for these guys. It will go along way toward comfortability.

Can’t wait for today’s game. Playing every other day and then factoring in all the travel, it’s a good challenge this early to figure everything out and be comfortable.

I think they have done well.

I agree though, when comfortable and on the same page, focused, unrestrained, freely flexing their game… it’s going to be fun to watch. Looking forward to the TB version of that.

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Yeah, this trip could not have come at a better time. It was perfect timing for a team that has 11 new players. If nothing else, it will do wonders for team unity and chemistry.

You are right, they have done well. They have given us multiple glimpses of just how talented this team can be. Now, when they get back home, they all need new alarms that wake them up with “defense, defense, defense”.

Really looking forward to the season!


Brazile did experience a growth spurt in his final 2 years of high school. His efficiency this trip has been good to see. Now I’d like to watch him get a few threes up. My only concern with him, and it’s not even a very big one, is his shot motion could stand to be sped up.

Yeah, I would love to see more shots from him, from mid to 3’s. He’s great in transition and and put backs, I wanna see him shoot it more. But then again, I want to see everyone shoot it more.

I think there’s a chance Arkansas could take more jumpers today against a team that matches up better athletically. Still think Eric is going to emphasize attacking the rim and drawing FTAs, though.

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I think he will too. It’s easier to do obviously if we are dropping more 3’s. He REALLY want’s this team to be a much much better 3 team. I hope he gets his wish.

He is 6/6 from the floor early today, all in or around the rim. He’s different.

He’s different all right. Filthy is the word your looking for I think.

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Freaky. Said it about 10 times during this last game.


He is going to have a great year. He’s different🦄


29-34 from the field thru 4 games. incredible offensive efficiency.

Scottie, you’re around the team and the coaches, it appears that again Muss will be playing 8- 9 to guys again this year, what will this do to the morale of the team with the two twins, the big fellow from Colorado, and the kid from Magnolia not playing very much?

I sure wish he’d try to dunk more.

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I think it will create an urgency with guys you might consider fringe rotation players. Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t see it causing friction. It seems clear to me that guys know if they produce behind closed doors and take advantage of the opportunities they get, they will see the floor.


Maybe the portal helps because the player who thinks they should be playing now can transfer at the end of the year, and although I may be wrong on this, they don’t have to sit out a year to play?

TB attended the same high school that Brad Pitt did. This trip was his Thelma and Louise moment. I knew when he committed to us, that we had hit the jackpot. He just seemed like the perfect piece on the inside to go with our freshmen and Councilman. I do not think he was a great fit in Cuonzo Martin’s system last year. Good to see a talented player getting a chance to maximize his talents. Looks he will be the indispensable man on the inside. Like his fellow Kickapoo BP, he needs a body guard to keep the bad guys from bloodying his pretty face and doing the dirty jobs that have to be done. That’s what Kamani will be doing. And then we’ve got the Bruise Brothers behind him. Gotta love it!