Wrote on the pop Joseph Pinion provided on Wednesday

“It got too loud and I had to cover my ears. It was good,” Ricky Council said.

On the pop Joseph Pinion provided vs. Missouri, plus a look at his perimeter shooting so far and what has led to a lot of his looks:


Stepping up when the team needs him. Good for Joseph. Hard work paying off.


Pop is good. What about the Stop. Do you have defensive stats for the whole team versus Missouri?

Not yet. Hopefully will have shots defended figured up for the first 2 SEC games before the weekend.

Yeah and I hope he gets to play a lot more because his stroke will get even better as he gets more playing time and gets more comfortable with the speed of play in the SEC. We need somebody that teams have to respect that can nail the 3

He was just what the doctor ordered last night.
JP, Barry, and Ford can be great building blocks for future depth. I really hope they all stay.
I’m still puzzled why Barry hasn’t got more run. Sure thought he would, but I don’t know who he replaces if Muss wants to shrink the rotation.

Was thinking same thing the other night Jeremy…why not a little more Barry? Wonder If he’s hurt or something…no inside info just guessing?

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