Wrote on the numbers that tell the tale of Arkansas' loss to UK

It would’ve been nice to have had 18 more minutes of Devo on him. Don Daily baited him
into a second technical. It may not have made a difference in the game in the end but did ever change the complexion in the first four minutes of the second half. He is too veteran of a referee to pull that trash.

Since you are playing ‘what if game’, remember UK played without a PG. Both Wallace and Wheeler were out. Reeves played the entire 40 minutes, handled the ball and torched us.

Of course, opponent losing its PG, is a kiss of death for us. Just recently Tuesday night in Knoxville and famously in the 1995 championship game vs UCLA.

I think the frustrating thing is we are all clinging to hope that an ultra talented team will gel and overcome some season long weaknesses. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed. We are who we are… We don’t stop penetration we don’t shoot well from the perimeter we don’t finish well we don’t hit free throws. Puzzling. Very puzzling.

I remember thinking last year… How many wins Has Chris likes gotten us? This year we got the same number of losses with the inability to hit free throws.

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