Wrote on linebacker Pooh Paul's improvement and play

Chris “Pooh” Paul Jr., Arkansas’ potential linebacker of the future, is giving the Razorbacks quality defensive snaps in the here and now. Here is more on his productivity and growth this fall:


nice article, Scottie, as always. Not quite as good as your tweets about your daughter trick-or-treating, but very good, lol.

That picture of Pooh tells a lot. he’s lost all the baby fat of last year and looks the part. Does he know what a big deal it is to wear 27 at arkansas?

Several times this year, a hog defender has made a violent hit, a sure tackle, I"ve backed up the tv to see who that was-and it’s been Pooh as much as anyone. really playing well.



If he doesn’t know about #27, just tell him to look to the NFL Hall of Fame!

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Great question. My short term memory may be fading a bit as I age, but my long term memory remains intact, especially when it comes to Razorback greats’ numbers. I still have vivid memories of numbers 27 and 5 in football and numbers 32 and 34 in basketball. Corliss’ number was pretty easy for me though, as I wore #34 in high school and college. I hope that trend continues (the long term memory, not the short term)! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve noticed his play before but during the BYU game his quickness and sure tackling really stood out to me (also Cam Ball in that game gave me a look at our future). Putting him in on third downs against Auburn I think was a great move–and as I said in my prediction, with Bumper (as well as Drew) ailing, the more he plays, the better. Seemed to work out against Auburn. Even with Bumper fully healthy, I think he might be quicker.


Pooh is coming on strong! I hope the redshirted LBs are developing in the weight room as well as Pooh has. We need 4 solid LBs next year to play Odoms D.

I’m glad to see he’s getting better he plays with a kind of attitude that you have to have to be a great linebacker. We are bringing in to absolute beasts at linebacker next year and Spence and Sanford and we already have crooks and Powell here now.

We are going to have great linebackers for a while… The missing link to this defense still DT, somehow someway we’re going to have to get great DT in here for us to ever be great on defense

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A high energy guy, and maybe a great player too.

Scottie has four boys. I saw some pics of them tricker treating from his phone at the HI luncheon. Looked like they got lots of candy.

Two plays in the Auburn game that really got me excited… now mind you Auburns QB is quick and his some wheels…. Neither got the sack … but did result in good defensive plays in our favor…. One was on a blitz by Paul, he ran down that Auburn QB and got him to throw the ball away to save a sack…. The other was with Hudson playing nickel,…Auburns QB was about to find the edge and Hudson got on his horse and closed the gap and forced the Auburn QB make a different decision… both plays were impressive to me… and excites me for the future…

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