Wrote on Kamani Johnson after a chat in Birmingham


I really hope Kimani can be a factor like he was in Europe but I’m going to hold off my expectations right now until I see him do it against guys that are athletically his equal. I love the way he made his free throws in Europe if he can continue to do that he will be a scorer because he’s going to get fouled a good bit as aggressive as he is.

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I think the light has come on for him, Billy. I sure hope so, because he seems like a great kid.


He played very well in those Europe games no doubt about it, if he can play like that for us against the competition we’re going to be facing, he will be an incredibly improved player. We sure could use that improvement and experience with all the youth we have on this team


The 4 spot is his to lose.

His biggest obstacle to overcome since he will be playing more is learning how to play aggressively without fouling. He had 7 fouls in the red white game. He will have to learn to do that or he’s not going to be on the floor too much.

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Khamani will be fine. He stayed around for a reason. Like his toughness just stay off the streets late at night.

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I know what you are saying, but IMO, Kimani would actually be our under-sized 5, freeing up Brazile for the 4 on offense, when both are on the floor together. That would also be best for both players and the team. Kimani is an offensive rebounding demon.

I think there’s a pretty good chance that combination could be in the early season starting five. I’m not certain that would remain all season. But, if not, I expect we’ll see lots of minutes during the season with both Kamani and Brazile on the floor together.

I agree with that. The reason I said it is his spot to lose because it depends on how one of the Mitchell twins progress. They will have to defend and rebound better. Mani brings toughness to the court and I think Muss really likes him for that. Not sure if Mitchells have that.

On the other hand I hope Mitchells develop fast, because it would be awesome to bring him off the bench for short spells of pure energy.

IMO, based primarily on the red-white game and his AZ St history, I believe it would be Graham replacing Kimani. Graham would give us more scoring and height, but fewer rebounds, especially offensive boards. I just don’t see either of the twins moving ahead of Kimani or Graham, unless Mahki makes a big jump from what we saw in his last (and only) year at RI.

You could be right. Graham was the forgotten man until the R&W game.

I think Graham is in the starting lineup by the time SEC play starts … his low post scoring ability will become crucial as opponents force the ball out of NSJ’s hands creating opportunities for the other 4. This team should also be a good rebounding team, though no single player will likely equal JWill’s average from last year … but a lineup with NSJ, AB, RC4 (or Devo), TB and Graham should hold their own on the glass.


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Good advice for all of us Jimbeau!

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