Wrote on Hudson Clark's preseason + holding firm at one CB spot

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I know he’s not always been good in man coverage so teams are going to test him to see if he’s improved, sounds like he has. I expect Cincinnati to come out and find out for themselves though. He does have excellent hands and by all accounts understands the game very well, hopefully he will have a big season for us.


It’s hard to emulate his two seasons playing against P5 offenses. If he were really slow he’d not be playing CB. Gotta like his grit.

I like Hudson a lot. Whirlwind since he first started as a walk on, from top of the mountain to deep in the valley. He is football smart tho. I see a great coach in the future. Heck he’s probably going to be great surgeon instead or engineer.

Says alot about depth and talent on team too. Most of us probably thought, he would not be starter going into fall. He has worked hard like many others have on this team and it shows. The iron sharpens iron talk is another way to say there is competition at every spot on team.

Cincinnati has 3 receivers who can flat out fly, all of them 10.7 100M or lower so I think they will come at him and all of our CB early and often because we let receivers get behind us quite a bit last year.
One thing to keep in mind is our defensive backs know our pass routes/receivers like the back of their hand so they’re going to cover them better than somebody else’s pass scheme who they’ve never seen. That’s what makes this first game very dangerous.

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Youda, I too think he will be tested early. We do have a human heat-seeking missile playing centerfield just in case he gets toasted….

Yes we do!

He is practicing against that speed every day too

Clark played well. He did his job. Cincy often went opposite him, and did so with a lot of success.

And, yet, I get online (elsewhere) and the secondary is being mocked and he is the name that is usually being mentioned.

Many are wrongly saying he played badly. The few people who are grudgingly acknowledging he played well are then going on to use the fact that he is a starter to show that our DBs must be awful.

It’s so predictable and dumb. He (like everyone else) should be judged on merit and not pre-conceived, stereotype-driven notions about him.


Racism, perhaps? Nah. Stereotyping? Yes

Hopefully whoever is playing corner going forward will be more physical at the line of scrimmage when playing press coverage. We seemed to allow their speed receivers a free start too many times. Bishop seemed to have some issues with this yesterday.

This post is 100% correct. Cincy, threw very few passes his direction. He also had a forced fumble and a pass breakup. I think most of the posters doing this have just made up their minds up that a walk-on can never be good enough to start on a very good football team.

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Here are the overall defense grades for Arkansas corners vs. Cincy, according to Pro Football Focus:

Dwight McGlothern — 74.2 overall, 72 snaps
Hudson Clark — 61.3 overall, 66 snaps
Malik Chavis — 49.3 overall, 11 snaps
LaDarrius Bishop — 29.3 overall, 7 snaps (3 in pass coverage)

There is no doubt in my mind McGlothern and Clark are the team’s top corners.


I agree Scottie. Makes you wonder why this was even raised by Pittman leading up to game. It was clear when the game started who the best 22 were. Not sure on the punter choice just yet.

If Cat is out for any time, I suspect Malik goes back to safety

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