Wrote on how an engaged Brazile changes Arkansas' game

Ahead of Arkansas’ home game vs. Troy tonight, wrote on Trevon Brazile changing the Razorbacks’ look when engaged like he was after halftime in the team’s final 2 games on Maui.

“We really just saw the Trevon we know,” Anthony Black said.


Nice article and information. Regarding this statement, “CBB Analytics also show that the Razorbacks’ defensive rating drops from 89.9 with Brazile off the floor to 84.1 when he is in the lineup”, it connotes a defensive shortcoming. Who is Brazile normally replacing when he enters the game (in the second half - when he’s been most productive, offensively)?

I don’t know that it says there is a defensive shortcoming when he’s off the floor. An 89.9 figure is still a strong defensive rating. It just improves a bit when he’s in the lineup because he’s the top shot blocker and defensive rebounder to this point. I’d have to go back and look at the sub patterns, but my memory is telling me it’s either Jordan Walsh or Makhi Mitchell.

Trevon and AB were the target of most of the SDSU fan and bench insults after Muss … you could see how they fired TB up in the 2nd half … he would stare them down after every bucket.


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If I was playing against him, no way would I want him upset or playing even harder.

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Great article…TB is very streaky and when he gets it going he can be a handful!!

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I can remember earlier in the season, before Maui, that he subbed either Devo or Jordan and had TB and Mahki playing a few minutes together. Especially when he brought TB in after just 2 or 3 minutes. Of course, it may also have had to do with who of, Devo, Jordan, or Mahki was playing poorly. I didn’t really pay attention to who came out in Maui.

To continue beating my dead horse (I promise for the last time), I still have hope that, by January, Muss will have 4 set starters in Nick, AB, Ricky and TB, while rotating a 5th starter between Walsh, Devo, and a Mitchell, depending on the opponent. Or, maybe who ever had played best in practice.

Probably the best half TB has played this season was against SD ST in the 2nd half, which is the only half he started. Maybe it actually means something to TB to start. What if starting every half has TB playing like that all game, most every game?

OK, I’m done. The poor horse is definitely dead.

I read this as an enraged Brazile at first lol

And I was like, yeah he did look enraged at times glaring over at the SDSU bench😂

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Has this clown apologized?

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