Wrote on Devo Davis’ role entering the season


Outstanding article Scottie!

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I think Devo will be a big part of our success this year, especially all of the things on the court that don’t show up in the stat sheet.

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His leadership to these young guards and all these transfers is absolutely invaluable, he knows what it’s like to be in the fire,he knows what it’s like to go through the absolute brutality of losing streaks and how Muss is a totally different person than the all smiles we see right now. We couldn’t ask for a more valuable person than Devo. Kimani can be a huge influence too especially for the big guys.


Very true. I hadn’t thought of that, but by the time the SEC schedule arrives and through the post season, there will have to be a few bigs who will be getting fewer minutes than they expected. He can be helpful for them in coping with that since he’s been through that same scenario. Kimani has remained a great teammate throughout that. Every transfer coming in has experienced big minutes with their previous team. It will be a big adjustment for those who get few minutes in crunch time here.


I have a lot of respect for Kimani for being a loyal teammate and hard worker,always comes in and gives you 110%,you never have to worry about his effort.


Watching the practice videos, Kamani was all over rebounds. I thought last season he was a bit of a bull in a China shop at times, but sometimes you need to break some glass, and that is where he is a beast.


I like the backcourt of Black, Smith and Davis. It will be disappointing if Devo is not a full time starter. He is better than all guards on the roster at this time, except Nick and Black.

I think Ricky Council is better than Devo as well.

Muss made the point in that article that Devo has been to and played a key role in two elite 8s. None of the new hot shots have done that. I don’t know where it will all shake out, but I think that is very important. The good thing is no one person is going to have to carry this team. There are so many great players that if they learn to play as a team and forget who makes the shot, they can go past the Elite 8 by 2 more games.

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Whether Devo starts or not early on or ever, this Team will know it’s time to get up and go with him on the court. On both ends of the court. If there is one about Devo, he don’t get tired & slack for a second.

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