Wrote on Arkansas' offense sputtering late vs. Mizzou

“They whipped our butt. That’s what happened,” Sam Pittman said.

On the Arkansas offense’s disappointing and clunky finish to a frustrating regular season:

Yeah definitely got their butt whipped today seven sacks is absolutely ridiculous. Sam is getting tired of not being able to score down on the goal line but if you listen to Wagner he’s telling the truth… you’re looking at four or five DL backed by about 3 linebackers all stacked inside The tackle box and we only have 5-6 to block 8 and yet we try to run right into the teeth of that. Every now and then you can make that but more times than not against a good defense it’s going to be really tough.

I have never understood why we do not spread out in twins on both sides to get people out of the box to cover them (or we just throw the ball out there and score) to where we might have a lot better chance of winning a one-on-one block and with KJ and Rockets power they don’t have to have much room but it’s so congested in there I’m really not surprised we’re not successful because they know exactly where we’re going to run the ball and are attacking us with abandon


As fans we know what going to happen too!

I am a Sam fan, but not sure how comfortable I am in hearing we got our butts beat by, Mizzou and Liberty and being out physicaled by Missouri State for three quarters. This is sad to me that we can be so schizophrenic, looking like a quality team on offense and at other times, even within the same game looking inept. At least the defense has been more consistent, the secondary has been effective in executing its COVID defense, maintaining social distancing from receivers all season long.

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That is on the coaches.

We are not the same Physical team we were in year one. I suspect the change in making practice less physical the past two years has had an effect.

Great questions. I think one issue with QB1 is that he isn’t good at making the quick pass to beat the rush. He has a lot of fine traits, but the quick pass isn’t one of them. I think that is the reason we are seeing more sacks. Teams have enough film to know he takes that extra second to get set, chamber, and throw. Our OL and scheme doesn’t hold up for that long. And the other maddening thing is why we don’t beat the blitzes better? Is that our QB or is that on the OC? Or both?

KJ is a slow thinker and reacts slow.

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Really? That’s pretty low.

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Its “slowly”…but either way I disagree!

I think KJ has so much confidence in his ability to make a play, that sometimes it seems he pushes the limits, often times he pulls off a miraculous play and sometimes it does not work. I think every magician can come up empty from time to time when pulling rabbits, still doesn’t mean he is not magic!

We very rarely run plays that are designed to beat the blitz, slants, screens, tight end dumps over the middle, etc so a lot of times KJ has nobody to throw the ball to,because two or three receivers are all on vertical routes. That’s why he has to hold on to the ball longer than he should.


It’s “It’s” … and I also disagree. :wink:

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I hate it when that happens. :saluting_face:

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Isn’t the head coach one of the premier OL position coaches in the country and with an experienced OL to boot? That’s coach’s DNA. How can anything work well if that doesn’t?

The middle of the field is seldom used by our hogs. We’ve missed a few easy s teen passes but we don’t run very many any way.

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