Wrote long on transfer Trevon Brazile, key to Arkansas' success

Wrote this for the NWADG college basketball preview tab. Lots of good insight on Brazile, who pretty much everyone I talked to said has tremendous upside:


Great Article Scottie… I think for this team to achieve it’s goals he’s going to have to be double digit scorer, going to have to be a guy we can rely on the score in the paint and behind the arc.

I think he has great potential based on what little bit I’ve seen of him he just needs to be more aggressive, more physical but I think he has a great future if he uses all the skills that he possesses.

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Here is the thing, if we can’t hit outside shots at a decent clip then every team we play will pack the lane like Texas did and we will be in trouble. Go look at the shot charts for both exhibitions. We will have to make it up on fast break points off from defense if the shooting doesn’t come around.


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Yep I know if I’m playing us I’m going to pack it in and make it almost impossible for you to get an inside shot or an offensive rebound. This defense better become insanely good or we better find some shooters or it’s going to continue to be a big big problem on offense.

Excellent article. We will hopefully see Brazile fulfill his dream, and I am thrilled he is a Razorback.


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