Wrote about Arkansas basketball's Level 5 chain

“It has kind of taken on a life of its own,” head athletic trainer Mark O’Neal said.

On the chain and the origins of Level 5:

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I think Scottie should get a Level 5 chain for the way he’s reported on basketball. It’s winning coverage. Thank you, Scottie.


I second that. Excellent hire. A keeper.

Clay, thanks for having someone to focus on basketball.


I agree. Matt should get the credit. I did once warn him that our profession was over worked and under paid. He began with his eyes wide open. He believes me now.

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You guys represent the very best in your profession! Thank yall very much!GHG!

Hendersons plus-minus team score was a positive “3” for his 7plus minutes in the game; the same as what Harris did in 4.5times the minutes.

And so should Scottie be recognize for his minutes in the reporting game.

Dude gets paid by hour, not minutes. And that’s unfortunate.

Clay, DD Mods and posters (like a family) are the best. I was asked a key question about HI recently.

Great job. Hope a few people read this!!

Gut feeling. Went that direction and it was the correct answer. WPS

Water seeks its own level. This staff is high level.

Thank you guys. Yesterday marked two years with WHS and HI. It’s been a blast.


HI Staff are all Level 5+ Stars.

Yes Scottie and everyone on the team do a great job of covering the Hogs… very much appreciate your effort and attention to detail!