Wrong directions: Hogs take U-Turn into this offseason

Tom Murphy’s article provided me an opportunity to express my feelings about this seasons’ football. I hope that you may share yours as well.
This year we took a step back due to extreme inconsistencies of our team. Issues: Offensive line’s inability to pass protect, not to run block as well as we know, a QB that essentially is immobile, lack of discipline regarding variety of penalties such as late hits, false starts etc. – And on defense, count me the ways to describe a dysfunctional one that could not put pressure on anyone opposing QB’s and gave up yardage on the ground and in the air as they were giving out free samples in Walmart. That was compounded at times with questionable coaching decisions and inept play callings such as three times trying to punch a hole at TAM’s goal line defense, when we should have gone over or around them after the first failure, (such as William’s push pass over the top on FL game). To my dismay, now coach B finds himself in a hot seat in reality. What has been displeasing to the fans is not so much the losses, as it is the way we lost. In an ordinary game you make plays, then your opponent make plays. The game goes on and at the end one runs out of time. You are proud of your effort and it goes on. What has gotten under our skin is the Melt-downs that has become more frequent and a habit. We have all the makings of a good team, credit coach B. Somehow a monkey wrench fell into this engine and screw it up. Now it is up to coach B to find it, take it out, replace all bad parts with good ones, and get on the road. The clock is ticking and the patients are running short.

24, you summed it up pretty well. I went to the Belk Bowl and now want to put last season behind me. I’m like you I hope Coach B can make the proper changes and right the ship. However, my expectations are not very high. Many the fans (these were hard core fans) that I talked to at the bowl are starting to lose faith in him. They like him but are now questioning his coaching ability. I feel the same way.

I fully expect him to do his A-Z Evalutions effectively, but it needs to start with B. That B is obviously Bret.
What does a coach represent when in a crucial period in the game, timeout, time after time he distances himself from the team, standing by himself to a point where the commentators reference it. What does that represent?
He needs to grab ahold tightly of his position and hold his actions accountable, this year he wasn’t an effective leader and needs to bounce back from that. No more promises that don’t become a reality. He needs to expect and demand more from himself and his team.
I can’t watch another season where the players as well as the HC quit when the going gets tough. We watched that several times this year and frankly over BBs tenure at UofA
I hope that he feels the heat and kicks things into high gear. He needs to finish this recruiting class strong, and make a huge DC hire as well as whatever assistant position will be vacant. Those combined should spark a tad bit of optimism in a now pessimistic environment.
I don’t have high hopes for next season because I don’t want to let myself down again. But I sure hope BB gets things done, I think he is capable just may need to feel the heat to get things done the way it needs to be.
We have been absolutely awful at finishing strong all season, but if BB finishes this recruiting class and staff changes strong he can partially over come that.
woo pig!