Wright State at Arkansas game 1

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Coll can swing the Stick,if he can hold his own in the field I believe he can really help us with the bat. He has middle of the order power

Internet here says game has not started. Anyone got the game yet?

Yeah they got one hit but that was all we’re coming up to bat in just a minute just refresh the page that usually does it

Apparently their pitcher likes to induce ground balls. At least he’s not a lefty.

Wow Josie comes out swinging he doesn’t do that much but he hit an absolute seed to second base too bad it was caught

Ball will be flying out of the park today with the wind blowing out

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Clueless camera work so far. Maybe their good camera people are at softball.

After 1

Come on throw strikes!! ball is going to be slicker. This team is going up there with some big swings can’t afford to get one launched

Hagen looks like he’s having rouble gripping the ball.

Nice out of a mess Smith. Whew…

Ground out ends the inning but you don’t want to play with fire like that very often

Cali hit an absolute bomb that ball was crushed… That’s why I was hoping we would stick with him


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After 2

Hagen is all over the place another stinking walk…

I have no clue who is doing Balls and strikes but they are doing an awful job

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Cali has to set his feet and make that throw he had way more time than he thought… These guys are getting some good swings just hope they don’t connect

Great job of working through at Hagen couple of big strikeouts gets him out of the inning

Coll gets it started with his 1st Razorback hit a rope to left field

Oppo taco for Brady!