Wright St at Arkansas game 3

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Perfect day for baseball, bring those brooms and let’s go out there and take care of business

Wind is out of the south today. Doubt anyone will be hitting one over the Hunt Center.

Hollan in Big Time trouble thanks to that lead off walk and base it 13 pitches no outs

Gets out of it only one run but 25 pitches is way too many… seems like every one of our guys is over 20 pitches in the first inning

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There ya Go!!

Okay guys this guy’s not Nolan Ryan go up there and get you a pitch and Hammer it

This guy’s got an SEC arm and so far we have had no answer for him.

Hollan is really settle down only 66 pitches after four which is right where he needs to be… come on offense

Not seen many 1-2-3 innings for our hurlers this year. Good job there.

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2nd time around. I think they will do better since they have seen him. At least I hope so.

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Yeah because we have not even had a hard hit ball to be honest…

Slavens is trying to show the rest of the guys how to hit him he’s two for two I love that he’s going the other way

Can’t shift on Brady

Not this year so far

There you go Bohro take that ball the other way…

But double play ball by Diggs gets him out of the inning

Man, we’re sure hitting a lot of grounders to second. Weird.

Yeah this guy here is just totally had our number so far came in with an era of almost five but you never know what the way he’s pitched against us