Wright St at Arkansas game 2

It’s 62 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

Hopefully we will come out and get some runs early on the LHP… need will Mac to fix what he did last game… this guy held Kentucky to 1 in hit in five innings last week will not be easy but had an ERA last year of almost 6

Why was TJ out?

I have no clue that was a bunch of crap should be 2-0 must be the same ones that have been calling the basketball game slipped into their baseball reffing britches

Ran outside the base line.

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After 1

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Well Mac is already in hot water in the second he better get the ball down before one of these boys launches one.

He is still a long ways from being where he was at the end of last year he’s already got away with about five or six balls that were set on a tee to be hit 450 ft and only an absolutely incredible catch by Bohro saves him from giving up four right there

Stay hot Stovall!! Another RBI hit

Cali didnt get a hold of it but he got enough to get into the outfield for 2 run

According to live stats, softball Hogs also have the bases loaded.

After 2

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It gripes me to leave the bases loaded. But 5 runs this inning as great.

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After that pitiful basketball game seeing the bases loaded in the first and second and having 7 runs isn’t so bad.

Wegner with another bomb 2 run shot!! Incredible effort by that kid in centerfield though

Mcentire is definitely not the answer if he keeps throwing the ball the way he is right now it’s just batting practice about half the pitches are right in the kill zone he’s lucky he hasn’t given up 6 runs

After 4

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Amazingly Mac was much sharper after getting hit with the exception of one pitch everything was diving down like he has to have it

Okay you know this little LH just going to throw you nothing but offspeed keep you weight back and drive it to the way or just lay off of it and let him walk you… Wegner did it right but he hit it for the wrong part of the field 395 foot out… Exact same thing for Slaven’s great swings though

After 5

Ledbetter coming in and this is a guy we really need to pick up where he left off last year as well. He has not been sharp but as we saw in the World series he has potential.

Why is the MPHnot showing???