WR target TQ Jackson runs a 10.46 split


Ur feel on TQ?

Last I checked Arkansas was in good shape.

4x100 relay? Looks like he’s delivering a Baton

That’s what split means. He probably runs a low 11 100m.

If you can do a 10.46 split, I suspect you can crack 11 on the flat 100. I can’t find a 100m time for him, but I see he ran a 200 in 22.71 last year according to athletic.net.

My son is a college track sprinter. I kinda know what I’m talking about. Milesplit is your best source for legit track times.

My son is a big computer gamer but that doesn’t mean I know a damn thing about it.

Low 11 or cracking the 10, it’s still impressive.

We need TQ.

Take interest in your son and you will.

Associate head coach and running backs coach Jeff Traylor will visit TQ’s school tomorrow.

Jason— good response!