WR numbers

RD/DD, do you have any idea how many wrs we will try to sign next year? We are obviously on a lot of very talented ones (starting with the 2 in state) and obviously this offense will use a bunch, but we already have too many on campus as it is…

Also along those same lines do you think any of the existing WRs that are lower on the totem pole will transfer out?

May have had too many if it was Brets style of offense.

But with Chad and his offense I don’t think we have too many. I’m sure we will be carrying more WRs than we have in the past 5 years.

I bet some transfer, because if you aren’t fast, or tall, you probably aren’t getting the same consideration you once did. Have to have dynamic play makers in this offense. More so than a play action style pass game which I personally think requires better route runners.

3, but they won’t turn down #4 if it’s one of their top guys.

I’m totally guessing right now but I would say 2-3. I think the numbers for each position will be determined after spring practice and they see what they truly have.

They don’t have to many.

“Although Morris did not explicitly say there is a position he expects to whittle down, he indicated there could be some departures are wide receiver”…’I believe there were 13 on scholarship, and my target number there has always been 10 to 11’ Morris said. ‘they are a little over there, so being able to move maleek Barkeley over to running backs for the spring will help’

Maybe some of them could make good cornerbacks?

Moves one to running back, brought in one to take his spot.

I think Pettway was considered a good DB as well as WR.

Barnes from Cabot is a good all around athlete.