WR Mike Woods Arrested

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Hate it for him. But it’s a good chance for him to learn from it.

I probably should’ve had a dozen MIPS before I turned 21, and I don’t know many college students that could say differently. It all comes down to who was unlucky enough to be stopped when walking somewhere or whatever the case was, (Dickson St. for most of us) looks like he had the unlucky day.

He will learn from it, I think he’s going to be special here.

Thank God my indiscretions from about 16 to 20 didn’t make it into public knowledge

He should learn from this.

learn this lesson at 18.

Some of us learned it in our 40s.

I owned that and it will never ever happen again.

Uber and Lyft are great things for those 18 to 80.

I’m so fortunate

There were some events in College I regret

We all learn or become Darwin awardees

Sadly others get hurt with drinking and driving - ever heard of the Carrollton KY bus crash?

Wow not the best of timing there with camp starting pretty soon…need this kid to get his head on straight and start making a lot better decisions.

He’s young Im almost sure 85 percent of the people on this forum was one wrong turn from the bright lights being behind us and these days with uber and lyft there is no reason for him to get another one of these mistakes…

Well this isn’t a great way to go into Fall camp. I’m guessing he will be suspended for at least a game or two. This was a guy who had a great opportunity to crack the rotation. May create an opportunity for someone else. Koilan Jackson and Jarod Barnes could be the beneficiaries of Mike Wood’s bad decision.

Do y’all mean to say that college students under 21 are drinking…drinking alcohol? I am shocked, shocked.

Actually DUI is more serious than just drinking, but now the alcohol level required to be charged is so low for a minor that it’s almost meaningless. I don’t know how much he had, but it only takes .02 now. That’s one fifth of what it was when I was in school.

I don’t want to completely dismiss this, but there are a whole lot worse things. One downside of being a Razorback is that things like this make the news. Still, I hope he learns a lesson.

I thought it was .08 for DUI. ? .02 is nothing. Maybe one beer.

Drivers under 21 are legally drunk when their blood alcohol level is .02 or more.

0.02 for a minor, 0.08 for a adult

.02 if under 21 years of age.

Still .08 21 or over.

I wonder if he told them where he illegially bought the beer?

I don’t guess my post was clear. It’s .02 for a minor.

Well I’m certainly grateful that was not the case when I was in college. Rarely was my BAC under .02 at any point during those four years.

Woods’ BAC was .071 and he was pulled over after he nearly hit a police vehicle.

The kid must have a low tolerance for alcohol. Probably best for him to avoid it. Really wouldn’t be missing out on anything.

Most of us had a low tolerance at 18.

Guarantee we all didn’t know how to handle alcohol either, I’m just learning at 23.

He has to learn from it, no excuse for driving after drinking. But I agree, I wish I would’ve learned earlier that you don’t need alcohol to have fun, especially when you can’t handle much. It does make things fun, but there’s a fine line.

The only time I was arrested is when I was 18 or 19. I was riding with my buddy and we were drinking Colt 45. We stopped at a stop sign, and a cop pulled up behind us. It was a little tricky turn as we took off, and my buddy managed to hit a stop sign on the other side. :smiley: