WR Dylan Wright update

Dylan is watching some friends at The Opening. He plans to release a video of his top 5 schools fairly soon and Arkansas will be in it for sure. He said he might be taking an OV to Arkansas. If not an OV, an unofficial.

He loved his unofficial to the Hill on Feb. 24.

I was once positive about him. Now he seems like a long shot.

Don;t see him as a long shot. He may not come but I wouldn’t say it’s a no go from the beginning.

He and TQ are pretty tight.

He’s #1 on my wish list but doubt we will be able to outbid A&M. Pretty funny how Dylan is on record saying “the coaches are stuck up and I don’t like the vibe there” and a month later they’re his top school and he’s there twice a month. He and Stepp are close though.

Dylan is a beast, no doubt about it. But I’ll take Burks everyday of the week, and twice on Sunday over Wright. Would be amazing to get both, but as long as we get Burks I’ll be fine

Yes I should’ve said #1 on my out of state wish list. If we don’t Burks, I will shed many man tears.

Well this got me thinking because we are in on a bunch of receivers. We have 2, Burke’s would make 3. Would we sign 4?

If the 4th is a cant pass type WR then yes.