Misery beats Auburn !

I was told to get real in another thread when I said Mizzou could get hot and possibly end up playing us Friday. Stuff like this happens every single year in March, unexpected teams come out of no where and throw things out of balance. Mizzou is not a bad team, I keep telling people that, they’ve been competitive in most of their games, but just came up short. Really hoping Ole Miss takes care of them tomorrow, I do not want that 248 RPI adding to our resume a 3rd time.

I don’t want the hogs to play them either. It should only hurt! Ole Miss needs to put them out. At least beating Ole Miss would help us some not a whole lot.
Missouri is dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Auburn made some horrible mistakes to give that game away.

Paranoia will destroy ya. Auburn gave that game away. I expect OM to mop up Misery tonight.

Probably so, but I hope it’s a nail-biter with 2-3 OT’s. I’d just as soon face a tired OM team.

At least you could help your resume some by beating Ole Miss. Missouri can’t help us they could only hurt the hogs! It’s just not a game I would like to see!

Unfortunately, OM is not good enough to give us much of a boost either. RPI Wizard says beating them tomorrow would take us from 27th to 25th. Ole Miss would be an 11th top-100 win, but that’s about all the expected benefit.

Beating Misery would drop us to 32nd. Losing to OM would drop us to 37th, losing to Mizzou would drop us to 44th.

So hold your nose and let go with a few Hotty Toddys tonight…

I’m with it! Ole Miss win please

I just cannot do that. I have come to despise the webel bears as much as I used to despise texass, well, as much as I still despise texass

From all reports, Andy Kennedy is somewhat of a class act, as long as you’re not a Cincinnati cab driver. Unlike that bucktoothed “ace recruiter” who is running their football program into the ground.


Andy Kennedy may be fine, but their fans are something else.

Of course, my initial dislike started in baseball and has just gotten much, much more intense over the years. That coach, team, and fans (including the softball team) are the most obnoxious bunch that I have ever seen at Baum Stadium. LSU fans, coach and team respect the game, even if they do seem a little entitled. But then again, they have earned that. Ole Piss has not.

I’m sorry, I never should have started that.