Took my two oldest (11 and 12y/o) to their 1st Hog game.
Drove in from Broken Arrow.

They were staying engaged but it was tough to watch for quite a while. We just couldn’t get over the hump. Give Tenner credit. They hit big shot after big shot. I just didn’t see us getting it done.

But what a comeback!
Most fun I’ve ever had a a basketball game.
The crowd at the end of regulation an OT was deafening.
We screamed our heads off and called the Hogs until we were hoarse.

That game will be a tough act to follow.
Hats off to Mike and his crew. Kept fighting and pulled off an improbable comeback against a really good basketball team.
Gotta keep the Bud rockin!
Go Hogs!

Last year me and the wife were able to take our 8 year old grandson to the Hog/Vol game. He had a blast but me and the wife had more fun watching him call the Hogs when there were no Hog fans to be seen. We won that game and my grandson still talks about it.

His goal in life is to play football for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He catches some heat at school (Chattanooga TN) for wearing his Hog gear. But he does not care.

Love getting the kids excited about the Hogs.

Wish I could have been in the Bud today.


Congrats. Taking your kids to their first game and it being an barn-burner like that is awesome.

My son’s first to games were a close 14-13 loss to Bama in 2014 followed by a 30-0 shutout of OM. I had a hard time explaining to him it wouldn’t always be that great.

I got goosebumps reading your descriptions of your experience today. Hearing the old girl (Bwa) st full throat, today, was a big pickup during some tough personal times.

My daughter’s 1st game too. We had a blast.