No guy I want more in that situation than Macon. So clutch.

The heart of Hannahs those last 4 minutes was huge. I thought it was a mistake when we didn’t foul on their 2nd to last possession, then a huge steal by Moses and then on the bad pass by Kornet.

Such a huge win.

Wow is right. What a win

Keep playing and fighting won this game, showed mental toughness, great win. WPS

We couldn’t do anything for so long. Their half court defense had us just useless. then we figured it out. Crazy. Just simply crazy and awesome.

The way Vandy shoots free throws (good) and handles the ball (bad), I agreed with not fouling. We had a better shot at getting steals than them missing from the line. Those decisions are always a gamble. Have to play the odds. It worked this time.

Great and unbelievable win. I am glad I watched until conclusion.

Meanwhile in Knoxville…

Yay Vols

Three of the top four teams lost tonight on the road. Villanova, Kansas and the Jellycats.

Proud of the guys for pulling this one out. Tough place to play, and the win hopefully gets us back on track for the NCAAT.

Are you deliberately dense, or had you not noticed that we’d won three in a row before tonight?

I keep reading this line of thought–that we somehow had a big hurdle to climb to be in Ncaat contention and I don’t get it.

We’ve been projected solidly in by most for awhile now. Winning tonight probably puts us in the projected 6-7 range right now and yet some ppl are “hoping” this win somehow puts us back on track to make Ncaat.

I don’t get it. Not when the guy who rarely misses has us well in the field right now.

Wow!! is a complete understatement.
WPS!! Love these guys toughness!!