Wow! WTH

Dudley, just saw your tweet. I have nothing but respect for you, I think you are one of the best out there. I know you’ll land on your feet. Good luck to you brother.



A fair part of why I subscribe.


Dang, I hate to hear that! Best of luck.


What in the world??? Dudley is the only reason I decided to pay for a membership when it wasn’t free anymore.

Someone has some big time shoes to fill. Wherever Dudley goes I will follow.


I am shocked. Dudley is the best

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Jeremiah 29:11. Hang in there Dudley


Agree…DD has been the man for recruiting to me for years.

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That’s bullshit.


I am confused. Does this mean DD will no longer post here? If it does, I am beyond pissed.


Absurd. This board just took a nosedive.

An understatement.

please somone! tell what Dudley’s tweet said

Upper management let him go after 35 years of service.

Now Clay has retired as of yesterday.

This board may be done.

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This happens when working for a company. If you do not have a contract then you are temporary no matter how long you have worked. I work for AT&T for 35 years and saw every few years people would be fired. One of the reasons is Business schools taught you could make money by Firing people before they were pension eligible. This reduced the amount of pension requirements. Also they could hire someone at an entry salary. When the economy is bad companies like to trim payrolls. When the economy returns they scream they can not find people to hire.

I seriously doubt there were any pension dollars involved in this decision. I am guessing (just guessing) that Clay had a clause when he sold (brought) over the HI board to WHS that all his folks came with him for a period of time. I am guessing that period of time has run out. I never understood why there was a need for 2 recruiting reporters. I like both of the guys but there is no need for two at the same company especially in a state with one major University. Dudley is going to land on his feet. He has several connections in this state and beyond that should serve him well.

Dudley did much more than recruiting. He will be missed. I agree he will land on his feet.


Didn’t mean to come across negatively about Dudley or his responsibilities.

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Typical idiot clowns in charge that have no clue what those beneath them do……unreal! This really sucks to hear about Dudley…such a great dude!!!

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The comment about Pension was an example of why some companies fire employees. I did not mean this had anything to do with Dudley.