I didn’t see this win coming!!! We needed that in so many ways!!!

Didn’t get to see most of it, haven’t had a chance to even read about it (getting ready to), but I got a smile a mile wide on my face!


Just saw score

So proud of the hogs

It’s being replayed a couple of times overnight . . check your schedule on the SEC network and ESPN stations.

Enjoy it as I am.

Great win tonight!!! Best game we have played this year!!! Go Hogs!!!

I actually missed a good chunk of the second half. Was at work, first of all, then got a call to come home because my girlfriend was having medical problems. Got that resolved (happily), turned on the TV before I left to return to work, and Macon was shooting FTs with five seconds left. However we did it, we got it done. Maybe I can find another replay in the morning to at least record and watch later.