WOW... Wild Pitch walk off win for Vandy

Vandy wins 6-5 over Stanford with a wild pitch!!


Vandy message for Stanford is…

You got to be good. But you also got to be lucky and get a break.

Loved it. SEC and no more pac-teams around. Early in the first inning it seemed like the third baseman for Vandy was sleep walking. A miracle they came out of that game with a win.

Vandy sits in a good place now. Both their aces are rested and the team is fired up…

That game had bad news bears moments! Errors everywhere. I thought it was over when that pitcher got two outs in bottom of the 9th, then he walked someone and they hit him. Then boom, throw it to the backstop. Unreal!

I would rather not see Vandy and their Mr.Congeniality coach win another Nattie. Nor do I want to see Miss Steak win one before we do.The only scenario that will not leave me depressed and ready to swear off baseball, would be for Tobacco State to complete their Cinderella run.


I’ll not root for Vandy period. I’m firmly a NCS fan for now.


Cant stand Vandy bc of their coach, they were flat out lucky to win! Now they can come back with their 2 aces. Will be ticked if they come back and win it all.

I am not a fan either. The Vandy whistler and the coach put me off. It was interesting to watch the in-game interview with Corbin. He was as short with the ESPN guys as with others.

Sounds like Saban to me. He has turned the program around, competing in CWS regularly , and recruiting very well.

Saban is a kind interview compared to Corbin…

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Vandy should had been gone after their loss to NC State(1-0)they had beaten Arizona7-6 in 12 innings in their opener on Saturday…luckiest team still left and face NC State again tomorrow…

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