Wow Where are all the Bielema Supporters

Same old same, and the bad thing is TCU is not that good. We just can’t close the gap. Missed field goals by a scholarship kicker, who has been on campus atleast 2 years. Defense played OK given the lack of offensive production. But our line stinks, and that was the mantra of Bielema when hired. These are the players he recruited. We can get mediocrity for alot cheaper.

The defense gave up before it was over
Whole team got pounded
Offense defense kicking game

Funny thing… Every Fan of The Razorbacks should be a supporter of CBB but that doesn’t support the darksider’s Agenda.

No one is happy with what is going on… But wishing negativity on the team is weak and counterproductive.

But hey, enjoy your Dutch rudder with the other negative fans.

Next season their won’t be a experienced QB with what looks to be WR’s that can’t get open and a O-Line that couldn’t block the 4-7 FAMU Rattlers from last season.

Their better be a massive improvement against Texas A&M or it won’t be a Pro or Anti BB thing, just a bunch of frustrated & disgruntled Razorback fan’s period.

Defense was not the problem

Defense actually played pretty well imo

Offense was awful. Those two missed field goals gutted the team and the crowd

We will get better. Hedlund should never see the file again. Poor kid is a head case now

Defense was encouraging. Offense put them in bad position after bad position. Offensive performance was quite frankly embarrassing.

I’m still here. Still holding course. We have a lot of games left. Not ready to flush the season get.

No one in this thread is “wishing” negativity on this team. Now reviewing the team’s playing/ability/result is a different subject and it should be exposed when this pathetic. If they get adulation and fame with good play, all sporting teams are subject to criticism. Teams in the SEC don’t get participation trophies.

I’m not giving up on this team, nor this coach. Not happy with the way they are playing and certainly not happy with the loss, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on the season.

Right here. We were bad…but I love the Hogs and the staff win or lose.

Bielema should have been fired after the two embarrassments to end 2016 - to keep him was a dereliction of duty by Long.

Today we got what you deserve for keeping a coach when it’s obvious he’s not the man for the job.

No one is happy tonight, but the last thing I wanted to see was this dilibe character’s posts. It was the last thing I wanted, but the first thing I expected. If anyone thinks he’s a Razorback fan, they’re drinking more than the proverbial kool-aid.

Agree. The offense was so out of sync. TCU knew our plays better than our players.

I suspect Hedlund will have trouble walking home without screwing up. I have never watched a missed field goal that was that loud when it hit the upright. That is a miss that will live in internet history.

I do not understand why we tried the second field goal, instead of going for it. Maybe Bielema was afraid the offense would get stuffed + it would become a psychological negative for the rest of the season. I’m afraid we have bigger problems.

Bielema should have been fired after the two embarrassments to end 2016 - to keep him was a dereliction of duty by Long.

Today we got what you deserve for keeping a coach when it’s obvious he’s not the man for the job.
[/quote]“we got what you deserve”, just what are you saying?

What did you see from the offense today that would make you think they could score if they went for it?


I’m saying Bielema proved last year he’s not the man for the job - epic routs and collapses - and keeping him means more of the same. Those who ignore history are sure to repeat it.

This needs to be his farewell season. The recruiting class isn’t impressive already, so it wouldn’t hurt that too much.

I can’t picture this team winning an SEC game at this rate. That kills me to say, but I’ve seen nothing to be optimistic about.

CBB is in my mind, just a body on the sideline, collecting a 4.6 million dollar salary. Not sure what coaching he’s doing down there, but it’s surely not good coaching. I for a split second was looking forward to this season thinking, CBB knew he had to fix things and showed some ability to change, surely things will look better. Boy was I wrong.

He’s not the coach we need. We are just dragging his time here out, might as well be looking elsewhere. He’s not the man for the job.

Hilarious. Nice CYA in bolder letters… Unless you are new to message boards the incessant bleeting of vocal minority who are still angry over “their boy” being fired has been a constant whine for the past 5 years. Understand that what we’ve seen the past three years is also trending from “getting his players” to crossing the line today with “these loses are unacceptable” which is how I feel. One can be critical and even surgical in one’s assessment as to how bad our team is playing… Defense is much better but it cannot be on the field the WHOLE game. Our offense is atrocious and TCU beat us with our own gameplan.

I have been on those sidelines in SEC in more than one capacity and have watched up close what our teams have gone through over the years… your little comment about participation trophies would get an interesting response from My friends that are still playing.