Wow what agame by the ladybacks!!

What an awesome game can we get them to shoot our free throws???

That was so much fun. March madness is hard to beat.

The Ladybacks weren’t listed in the dance this morning. That could change I hope!
They can flat shoot the ball.

They are not ladybacks they are Razorbacks! Ladybacks was dropped when we went a single athletic director several years ago!

They would probably have to win the SECT to get in the dance, but who knows they are on fire right now, people taking notice.

No way they get in the tournament unless they win the tournament. Too many losses in the middle of the season. But they are fun to watch. They will be in the WNIT.

RPI jumped from 90 to 81 yesterday. If they beat A&M today they MIGHT get onto the bubble, but probably the wrong side of the bubble. Beating SoCar, A&M and Moo U (all ranked in the top 15) on consecutive nights is probably too much to ask.

Yeah, I think they have a decent shot at aTm since aTm is missing their best player, but I can’t see them beating Moo U. I hope they do

Your right. Old habit.

I agree about the chance to beat A&M. If the hogs are making 3’s they will beat A&M. If it’s close at the end the refs will do what they can to help the Aggies.
Moo U is another story. I would hope they could beat them if they win today but it would take a lot of luck and the hogs will be playing on 3 days in a row today and then 4 tomorrow. The tired legs Amy show today and shots might not be falling.

I love watching Malica Monk with her hands on the basketball. She’s like a whirling dervish on the floor. Except she’s actually under control most of the time. One speed only. In CCM vernacular, she stays “in the left lane, hammer down”! Of course, it helps her that Dungee and Tolefree are on the floor to receive her passes.

Our 2 men’s PGs should take note of how effective that can be. I believe Malica must think it’s a sin to walk the ball down the court, and I like that! Tempo, tempo, tempo.