WOW, what a way to lose

Who were the athletes that did this? And what company do you work for? And were they students at the time?

If you aren’t answering these questions, then it didn’t happen. Anybody can say anything under a random user name without providing any evidence. You’d be perfect for Hogville with this type of info.

Arkansas, hands down. That was for the national championship. Auburn tonight was for a chance to go to the national championship.

If Auburn wouldn’t have fouled at half court, the double dribble call would have been moot. Auburn bailed Virginia out for a half court shot that had no chance.

As I said in the post, I’ll not identify the sport, athletes, time, date, or any such information. We are not in a court of law, I am not required to prove anything. You can choose to believe or disbelieve, that’s your right. Just enjoy the warm sand on your head, it provides a comfortable safe space to avoid the hard truths.

So you provided absolutely nothing, when nobody even asked you anything? Thanks for sharing.

I replied to your PM, with you saying the same thing you said here. I shared a super secret with you as well about my celebrity date when I was in college. Like you, I’m sworn to secrecy on the details. So please don’t ask about what happened that night… a gentleman never kisses and tells :slight_smile:

In all seriousness Votan I’m not naive enough to think little things don’t happen, like players take a little money here and there. But, to me stuff like that is different than bribery and wire fraud, which is what 2 of Auburn’s assistant coaches have done. It’s like comparing someone who may go 55 when the speed limit is 40, to someone who’s stealing cars. Both are against the law, but the severity of the crimes are completely different.

I agree. Hence I said the difference is to what degree. Some very lite, some very heavy.

Ok gotcha, we’re on the same page then. Sorry for the sarcasm, this coaching search has me a little on edge :smiley: