WOW, what a way to lose

AUB with a foul on a 3pt play at the end.

Wonder how much that cost?

And of course VA hits all three

The refs get the win for the ACC. No call on double dribble at half court! The foul shouldn’t have been called the way they let them play throughout the game.

Wrestling is exciting!

I agree about the double dribble, but he undercut the kid, that’s a safety issue, you have to make the call.

That’s a foul on the 3 though.

Wrestlemania is tomorrow night

Auburn lost. Wonderful. Makes me very happy.

And how they lost was beautiful to behold.

Exactly what slimeball Bruce Pearl deserved.

Now if only NCAA would drop the hammer on entire stupid Auburn hoops program…

Remember they should have lost in the first round just like that except I can’t remember who, but that kid missed 2 out of 3 free throws and Auburn won by one point.

It’s on now

Sorry people but I’m glad VA won especially after last year. There was no controversy in that call. It would have been a foul any day of the week. I can’t stand Auburn they cheat in every sport under the sun!

I was thinking the samething :grinning:

I have no loyalty to any other SEC team.

It was the right call, but I understand why some are upset by it.

Tougher loss? Auburn tonight or Arkansas with the botched foul out in CWS? Set aside your Hog rooting interest.

They just mentioned what I was saying.

In the first round Auburn fouled New Mexico State’s Terral Brown up 2. Brown missed 2 of 3 free throws and Auburn won by 1. What goes around, comes back around.

Couldnt’ be happier. Can’t stand Bruce Pearl. Glad he lost and glad it happened the way it did.

Glad that the non-cheating program won. Hope Texas Tech beats Michigan State, so we can restore hope for programs that do things the right way.

So glad I don’t have to listen to anymore Bruce Pearl interviews. I hope he takes the UCLA job or something, so tired of seeing him on the SEC Network every night.

Yep, Pearl to UCLA would be great. He is just tiresome.

LOL… way to keep your head buried in the sand there Blu. I hate to ruin your vision of clean programs, but (I’ll put this on a separate line to really drive the point home)


Yes, even our beloved Arkansas. I know, as I’ve witnessed it first hand. I once paid 2 Arkansas athletes 500 dollars to come to my office and sign autographs. I invited a small group of people I know and we all got pictures taken and items signed. Then they went somewhere else to do the same thing. I think they visited 4 or 5 places that day all the same arrangement. I’ll not mention the sport, the date, or the players, just say stuff like this goes on even at Arkansas.

So just keep in mind when you wave that “CHEATING” paint brush around at other teams, be sure to put a stripe on our own. Some tend to be such hypocrites on the board when it comes to pointing the “CHEATING” finger at others while trying to bask in the glow of the “CLEAN” aura.